Thursday, April 17, 2003

Tonight I treated myself to alphabetizing books. Whe-hee!

Yes, I must admit that I will sleep well tonight knowing that one more of my bookshelves has finally been organized since I moved into my new home last August. It has take forever, in my opinion, to get to this rather satisfying task. Organization is my middle name, after all.

And...I broke with tradition! The bookshelf I addressed was the one at the top of the stairs (bookshelves seem to appear around every corner in my home) that houses hardback middle-to-young adult books in realistic fiction, multi-cultural fiction (those that won't fit on the multi-cultural-designated bookshelves) historical fiction, and Holocaust books. Well, you see, since the realistic fiction are the ones I had the most of, I previously put them first (with the mullt-cultural ones mixed in) and then historical fiction and then the Holocaust books (an order of quantity). However, that put the latter at the bottom of the bookcase and they are the ones most visitors wish to browse. SO..........I put the Holocaust ones first, then the multi-cultural ones, then historical fiction, then realistic fiction (an order of interest), alphabetizing each section.

Gee, I bet you did not have as much fun as I did tonight...

Dare I mention that I sang my way through all of my Fernando Ortega CD's whilst I worked?

Praising God and delightful Thursday evening!

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

After a stressful time at work and home and months of my dratted ankle, I can finally say that I have had a few pleasant days. Small things to be grateful for…

Today was the first time I did not think about my ankle or feel even a twinge of pain.

I totally forgot about my state taxes and in doing them on Sunday evening, I discovered a rebate that almost exactly covers the amount I owe in federal taxes.

I built shelves, very level ones I might add, this weekend for the closet in my study—such organization to satisfy the soul in there now.

Someone surprised me with perfume that sends many noses a twitching—a fun experience I’ve not really enjoyed before. I can now understand why people can get attached to perfume.

Kashi is recovered from a frightening back injury—muscle related—that made me realize that at nearly eight years old he’s getting to be an old man—gray hair included.

I spent two days digging out a weed-infested swath of ground between the sidewalk and the fence in my back yard that runs from the house to the back gate. It has three trees spread along the length of it. NOW it is a most beautiful garden bed with Autumn Joy sedums, white japonica bushes, great rocks, thick mulch, and green metal edging (that I had to put in twice because I didn’t realize it had a front side)!

Oneness with soil is so soothing…

I would have to say that nothing brings makes me more mindful of the power of the Almighty is spending time appreciating the magnificence of His creation. What a beautiful gift He’s given us in this world.