Monday, October 18, 2004 I tired...yet satisfied a bit...I would have to admit.

I have spent the last three weeks working insanely long hours to try and get all the content for our new website rewritten. You see, we hired a company to draft it for us, and then it was my job to take their raw data and hone it into our voice.


I finished this weekend and am now waiting for feedback. The content is due back to the consultants for a read through with a focus on web writing on Friday. We are slowly getting closer to finishing this that was started more than a year before I came to work!

Tonight I also finished a colossal personal task: I caught up my savings accounts on Quicken. When I bought my house, I let sooooo many things go. A year ago, I got my checking account caught up, but left the savings accounts since I could view them on-line. Tonight, I put in two years of entries for 4 savings accounts (two for me and one for each of my nephews). I am quite glad to be finished.

The whole process took five hours, but it was made less painful by my laptop! Using my WONDERFUL wireless home network, I was able to log onto my savings accounts and copy the data. I did so while watching the second half of the Farscape mini-series (a totally satisfying show that I have missed) and!

Yesterday I puttered in the yard and with my bonsais for the first time since the rather large hole was dug in my front yard. It was quite a peaceful day.

So, even though I have been laboring far more than I ought to have been, I have several large projects completed. That is a great feeling. Truly.

Tomorrow evening I am hanging out in the green chair!