Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Notes on my life:

My new love...Domino's Dots. My are they tasty...but boy are they a boat load of carbohydrates!

One month later, Kashi is still scared to go down the stairs. I have tried to bribe him, cajole him, and scold him into making the decent to no avail. Have I broken his cavalier spirit with my stupidity in using Pledge on the stairs?

I was in an accident with a construction barrell. Four were in both lanes of the roadway. I avoided the bus, the electrical truck, three other cars, and three of the four barrells. After twenty years of shifting gears as I drive, I have discovered I am a lousy driver in an automatic car. I have had a rental for two weeks and still am not used to it.

My writing student never ceases to amaze me...perhaps I'll ask her to post a bit of her writing again.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

I burned a whole pot of lentils! UGH!

I love lentils. I get all excited when I cook them and end up eating them for the next eight meals. Now all I have is burnt lentils. Funny how just burning the bottom layer ruins the WHOLE pot.

Is there some sort of life lesson in that?