Friday, December 13, 2019

Just medicine...

Some days is it all I can do just to take my medicine.
I do not understand that.
At all.

Today, I was going to help my new friend from church continue to organize and downsize her home.  However, she came down with a cold.  Since I am on immunosuppressants, I cannot be around anyone who is ill.  So, my plans changed.

With my day freed up, I was going to catch up on my cooking and post some items to Facebook Marketplace to try to earn some money.  Sadly, I found myself in the donut hole this week.  I still have five medication yet to get this month and, most likely, another round of antibiotics since the current round of high-dose antibiotics I am on for my sinus infection are not quite resolving the problem.  However, all I did was manage to take my medication.

That was it.

Eight trips to the kitchen to swallow pills.
Two rounds of neublizing asthma meds.
Two rounds of neublizing sodium chloride.
Two rounds of nasal medication.
Four rounds of nasal treatments.
Two rounds of eye medication.
Four rounds of eye treatments.
Four rounds of brushing my teeth.
Two rounds of fluoride rinse.
One round of fluoride trays.

I ought to be able to do more.  I can do more.  But I have these days where I am so exhausted from the pain and nausea that I just sit in between the mediation "trips" and do nothing.  At all.

Well, I did go live on Facebook so that I could read the Bible to a friend in Japan.  She wanted to hear it the way that I read to my hospice patients.  It was my pleasure to do so, even if the video was round (and embarrassing) at the beginning trying to figure things out.  But that was nothing.  No meals for my larder.  No posting.  No paper work.  No working with Amos on commands he needs to know going out with me as my service dog.  No cleaning the house.  Not even putting together the stand to hold the television more safely on the small table.

Just medicine.
Just staving off all the ways my body is attacking itself.