Thursday, September 01, 2016

Bobbins and bay leaves...

I met my goal of getting the curtains made for the high windows in the guest suite.  My mother thought the light was too bright in the mornings and asked that I cover them.  I found a panel that is nearly identical to the curtains in the full-sized windows.  Because the top and bottom had the same "hem" length, I used those on the bottom so the commercial sewing was most evident.  Then I made a rod pocket on each, with a ruffle top.

Have I mentioned that I don't sew?

The worst part was winding bobbins. I knew that I needed a white one since the one I had was almost empty.  I watched the bobbin video on You Tube several times, but I am simply not skilled at that.  It takes me four or five tries before I can get the thread to stay on the bobbin long enough for it to start winding.  I decided that I would make bobbins for all the colors of the thread that I have because I want to minimize the bobbin stress in my life!

The second project I did—because despite my sweating and exhaustion I did not want to get out all the supplies and tools again—was another weighted lap blanket.  I have really, really, really been enjoying the one I made for my bed.  I have been thinking about making one that 1) would be less obvious when visitors are here (less than my full-sized weighted blanket that is downstairs) and 2) would coordinate with my sofas.

I found the fabric at Walmart when I went shopping on Tuesday, along with matching thread.  I did not plan to make it this week, but I was on a bit of a roll.  A sweaty roll.  A shaky roll.  A my-back-is-killing-me roll.  A productive roll.

After some clutching of Amos and guzzling of Dr Pepper and languishing on the loveseat, I decided to poach some more chicken.  It really is a great way to have protein on hand.  I decided to switch up my aromatics, since I am no longer comparing methods.  This time, I used bay leaves, sage, and smashed garlic.  [Yes, I really like garlic.]  I also used smoked mineral salt instead of plain.

Looking at this photo, I am wondering if I could grow bay leaves.  That would be a great addition to my raised bed (or yard).  Wait!  I Googled.  I think I might could grow a bay plant in my solarium!  So, where to find a bay plant for sale??????????

The combination turned out rather tasty, in my opinion.  I used the forgotten poaching method.  Three breasts made for four servings (for me) and a bit left over for a small late night snack (I just had to try it, right??).   I have one and a half cucumbers left in my refrigerator, but I think ... just maybe ... I might have one more that will mature so that Mother can try fresh cucumber when she comes to help me next week.  In any case, I shall be enjoying some chicken and cucumber salad this weekend.

I also brewed tea.
What a full day!

Tomorrow's plan was to shampoo the carpets upstairs.  I am thinking that, perhaps, I might should wait until Saturday.  To rest more.  To recover from standing so much today.  To just breathe....

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