Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I wish to write more about the lovely time with my visitors, but I have been so terribly exhausted, no longer carried along by the adrenaline of the giddiness of having visitors.  I've done a lot of lying on the floor and a lot of fainting and a lot of staring vacantly off into space, too weary to stream or read or listen to music.

I do not know why I am so driven to move and stand and walk and be like a normal person whilst I have visitors.  I mean, I make a meal plan because I want to share the one thing that is progressing in my life.  But this time I crapped out on the meal plan.  Come Sunday afternoon, when it was just Becky and I, I asked if I could just give her the Auntie Anne's pretzel pizza sandwiches that I like to buy and then, later, make the pretzel pizza balls that I had as a late night snack.  Or was that Monday that we got to the second pizza thing.  I don't remember.

Last Tuesday, after our tattoo, I asked Becky if we could go to Taco Bell, because I had a gift card, but she pulled up the menu plan and picked the chicken bacon avocado melt on sun-dried tomato bread.  An excellent idea ... expect for the fact that I burned our sandwiches after making amazing melts for months now.  SIGH.

I think if I can sweet talk someone in to visiting again, I have to abandon the meal plan.  Maybe I could have one night of cooking and then just raid the mason jar meals.  That or have a visitor cook.  SIGH.

Maybe tomorrow ... or at least soon, I hope ... I shall write about the BLOODY FANTASTIC night of cooking with Celia and Becky and all the tasty things we had.

Right now, I have to just ... recover.

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