Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I was having a good day. For once. Until.

I was able to help my boss a bit and laugh the whole time...first at her new vehicle and then at my own driving. She up and bought a 23-year-old pick-up truck that is on its last leg. She knows one of those guys who will fix anything for next to nothing, but she needed a second driver to pick up the truck from the previous owner. Since she was in a rental car while hers was being repaired, I was the default choice for pick-up-driver.

Hmmm...picture a hole in the dash where the radio was, the vent stuck open in winter, no turn signal (though I did accidentally squirt my boss with windshield wiper fluid several times while trying to make the turn signals work), a mottled rear view mirror, no windshield wipers, no passenger side mirror (it was there but dangling and unusable) and VERY LITTLE BRAKES. I had to MASH the clutch to the floor to change gears. The wheel was so sticky I was glad I couldn't signal anyway.

Still, it was something of an adventure to drive the wretched thing.

I got a universal remote for $3.99 and FINALLY got rid of the THREE remotes sitting on my coffee table. The programming took but a minute. It was a beautiful moment.

Later I did a 3-way call between my parents and Sprint and walked them through changing to a cheaper plan and changing their numbers since they had moved.

Really, I should have gotten the good Samaritan award for today.

So, I FOOLISHLY decided to download the security updates from Windows that I had been neglecting because XP makes me nervous. I did the updates on my desktop computer and WHAM...it no longer restarts. Nothing. I get the Dell log-on screen and then NOTHING.


I am soooooooooo thankful that I decided to move all my files and Quicken Data to my laptop so I could work on both computers.

Still...why NOTHING??????

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