Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I had a revelation of sorts...

Some nights I wake up extremely ill, trembling and nauseous. It is usually around 2:00 in the morning. I stumble to the bathroom and lie on the cold tile, hoping the feeling will pass. Sometimes it does and sometimes I end up vomiting for a while before I feel better.

I have asked several doctors about this, but no reason has come to mind. It does not always happen. What I eat does not seem to have an effect...neither does exercise or relaxing before I go to sleep.

Now, there is also this spot on the back of my head that if I have a barrette resting against it causes me to grow nauseous and weak. Most of the time I forget that happens and fail to take care where I place my barrette. I am usually quite ill before I put 2 and 2 together and yank the barrette from my head. The spot is not different from any other on my head except for the fact that pressure against it causes me to fall ill.

2 and 2...

Yes, you might have figured out my revelation.

I believe the reason I grow ill at night sometimes is because the way I am lying on the pillow presses against that same spot. Sounds plausible, eh?

Now, when I lie down to sleep, I make sure that none of the six pillows that I sleep with are behind my head in any fashion. I also sleep with that particular sort of hanging off the back of the pillow.

Ever since my revelation, I have only been ill at night one time. And that time I had a pillow against the bed frame that was pressing against the back of my head.

Weird, eh?

Still I wonder...why would even the slighted bit of continued pressure against my skull make me so ill?

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