Friday, February 18, 2005

My car was blocked in at work last night when I went to leave. The person was at a meeting until 8:45. When he returned he said that he hoped he hadn’t ruined my evening. What is the proper response to such a situation?

I was incredibly angry. I think it was incredibly thoughtless to leave for a late night meeting with his car blocking another. I found his attitude when he returned rude and demeaning.

I wish that I were gracious, that I looked at the opportunity to catch up on more work. But all I could think about was that I would never have left my car blocking another. And I was exhausted. And I still had a long commute home. And I would surely find a mess from my poor dog who was trapped inside my house.

What should I have said? I just stared at him and then gathered my things and left.

I am fairly sure that past his comment about not ruining my evening the person has not given the matter another thought. I have stewed a bit. Been pessimistic that it will surely happen again. Vowed never to park in the two spots where that can happen again (even though I had taken the spot because I know other people hate parking in them). And sorrowed over my own anger.

I have been so angry lately. I do not know why. And that bothers me.

While I would like to say mine is a righteous anger because it has been at people walking into meetings quite late without saying a word in apology… at people who ask others to pull work together at the last minute because they cannot plan adequately for their own jobs… at employees in customer service who act as if it is a great imposition that you need help...surely you might be angry too?

I would like to think so, but I know the better response would be the gracious one that so eludes me.

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