Friday, January 04, 2008

Okay, I am not backing away from my post of a few days ago, but I will say that I discovered that there is such a thing as financial resolutions.

I am not making any.

However, I did read this interesting article about things you can do to save money. One was to eat out of the recesses of your pantry more often. I can do that.

I poked around a bit and choose a few things to eat that would qualify. I even moved them to the lowest shelf in the cabinet just above my cutlery so that I will not forgot. Two of them are things that my dear friend T let me have when she was cleaning out her kitchen this past summer. The potatoes are can dried potatoes expire? I am sure I will be fine.

For the sake of honesty, I shall admit that there are no soups in that collection of eat-first-items. I am avoiding them.

Did you know about financial resolutions? They seem not to be so new. Are they there because Americans stink at saving money compared to many other nations? Perhaps they exist because we are in a colossal mess in our economy due to poor fiscal stewardship in the part of those who took mortgages that were beyond those means and the irresponsible lenders who allowed them to do so? resolutions. What would you resolve, were you to be resolving financially speaking?

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