Wednesday, February 25, 2015

When kids care...

My nephew is doing a fundraiser at his school and it is the BEST one I've heard of yet.  By that I mean he is NOT selling chocolate or popcorn or wrapping paper or any such thing.  He is raising money to combat heart disease!

This is his fundraising page, if you would like to make a donation, even a teeny tiny one.  I wish I had figured out how to do it in honor of someone, like my step-mother did for my father.  Our family has a poor history when it comes to heart health, with both my grandfather's dying at a relatively young age from heart attacks.

I like that my nephew is excited about what he is doing. I like that he is not selling over-priced, guilt-inducing products.  I like that he cares about helping others with heart disease once he learned about it.  And I really, really, really respect his school for taking this route in doing a fund-raiser.

Plus, well, when I mentioned that he could personalize his fundraising page with his own photo, Michael picked the coolest one EVER.

Just look at the guy!  He is so free with his self at times.  I admire the kid so much.

I think it is important to teach children about the concerns of this world, this country, and their fellow human beings.  I think it is important to teach them that even a small amount of fundraising can be pooled with that of others to help combat cardiac disease.  And I think it is important to encourage them when they are willing to make an effort to help others.

Plus, being female, given that heart disease is the leading cause of death among women, more than all cancers combined, I am glad his school chose this particular fundraising target.

I do a lot of reading of news articles online to get through some of the worst of the bad times of my days.  I tend to read more non-American news sources than American, because the different perspective intrigues me.  That was how I discovered Martha Payne and her Never Seconds blog.  I remain astounded at what she is doing for hungry kids in Africa and how she is raising awareness of the issue, how to advocate for something, and how every kind of help matters.  I know that not every child's attempt to help others will result in such a profound difference in the life of others, but when kids care about others, for me, life in this world becomes a bit brighter.

Consider Leah Wiener.  She decided that she didn't need any more toys and used her 8th birthday party to help other children.  Having worked at a foster care agency, I know how important creating life books can be.  So, I think it is really cool that she chose that as her giving opportunity for her birthday.  It wasn't about giving other kids presents, but giving them a sense of history and continuity when their lives can be so chaotic in the foster care system.  Such caring at eight-years-old!!

Sometimes ... sometimes I think the world forgets just how incredible kids can be when they open their eyes and ears, when they see and hear the world around them, when they are encouraged to help others.  I just love reading about what can happen when kids care.

So, It is sweet and wonderful to me that my nephew is becoming one of those kids.

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