Sunday, April 26, 2015

Literacy notes...

I did it.

Eight years ago, I created a blog (and bought the domain) to try and create a resource site for literacy.  Even though I was no longer teaching or even doing workshops, I wanted to share what I know.  Only one post in was the furtherest I got in that goal.

I was too tired.
I was struggling with cognitive decline.
My goal was too enormous.

When I was going through my antique secretary for office supplies to donate to SCAN, I collected the scraps of paper and notebooks that I had kept from my life as a literacy professor.  I was determined to follow through with my desire to capture what's left in my brain even if the result was a poor attempt.

I turned this into this:

And I used it on my first (really second, because I wrote this one first) entry on the Literacy Notes blog about reading comprehension.  I really, really, really hope that I can follow through with this enough to at least have some sort of helpful overview.

The domain is still active, but not linked. I am going to let it lapse this year ... silly of me to have paid for it all these years.  What I love most about Blogger is that, after I die, the blogs will remain.  So, whatever I can capture about literacy will still be there.  As well as this blog ... and the one that I started, but stepped away from, about the effects of sexual abuse.  I want very much to return to that blog.

I just wish I were not so tired.  And had my old brain still....

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gbkulp said...

I think it's a good thing. Writing is beneficial for you. And it will help to write the knowledge you have about literacy. And no matter how much or little you write, it's okay.