Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Finishing touch...

I had my first fire last night, because I was still trying to hang in there sans heat to make it through the  end of October without using the heat.  I wanted at least two weeks of not having to pay for the use of my HVAC.  I gave in, tonight, though.  Whilst it is not too cold outside, it is 49 degrees in my house.  Or rather it used to be 49 degrees.  Right now it is a toasty 56 and I have the thermostat set to let it rise to 62!

When Electrician Man first walked down the basement stairs, yesterday, he was really surprised by the change in that half.  He thinks it is just like a home.  Given that Fort Wayne is a city of scary basements, this was high praise.  He also used the same word as I have:  oppressive.  As in, you realize how oppressive those massive crate shelves were now that they are gone.  I was lightly pleased with his compliments.

I was not really liking the idea of the conduit for the outlet by the table to actually be by the table.  I was trying to figure out if should be run close to the bookshelf when Ben said that he thought he could run it down behind the bookshelf, since the conduit already had a bend in it.  With some jiggling and a bit of pounding, he got it just to where it needed to be so that you cannot see the outlet from this direction.  Since it had been attached to the wall in the opposite direction, tonight I painted the other side of the conduit so that it would match the wall.  I love, love, love the result.  I have my outlet and you barely notice the conduit.

The best part about the paint job?  I only had to use the lid.  You see, if you shake a can hard enough to mix the paint, then you will have a bit of paint on the lid.  No drop cloth, no tape, no prep at all.  Just a small brush and the lid.  Pop the lid back on, wash the brush, and clean-up is done!

The outlet makes the finishing touch on this transformation.  A month or so later, I am still giddy over the change and how much I enjoy being in the basement now.

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