Thursday, December 29, 2005

I only had three cookies at work today, which was reasonable in my mind considering how few that was compared to the past two days.

I worked rather frenetically all day, so I treated myself to another three cookies to eat with my dinner. After all, the press release went out, the hard copies of the release and the press list went to one of the partners, I created a spreadsheet tracking all board correspondence over the past year, I uploaded a set of photos to the website, uploaded the press release, and added a new event, updated the press list and the press archive, worked on a spreadsheet of hyperlinks to all our boilerplate materials and collateral for staff, and drafted my status report for the past two weeks.

I deserved those cookies.

Once I arrived home, I let Kashi out and headed upstairs to change my clothes. I actually left the office at a decent time and was ready to settle down with my book...and those cookies.

When I came back downstairs, I noticed a napkin on the floor. My wretched puppy dog had come back inside, made a beeline for my bag, and helped himself to those cookies!

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