Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I thought I would have four days all to myself to catch up on those parts of my job I haven't yet truly had the opportunity to address. Aside from the accounting staff, I am rather alone in the office this week. A perfect opportunity to organize, strategize, and put a few more things into top loading sheet protectors, eh?

Oh, my, was I ever mistaken about a day to myself. And if today was any indication, that list of mine will nary be even a mite shorter by Friday.

First, I measured and measured and measured again to make sure I had the nails in the right place for this photo collage I created for the main conference room. It is seventeen 8x10 photos arranged in three groupings that are all exactly 3 1/2 inches apart from each other. The three groupings are 18 1/2 inches apart. The entire collage is exactly centered on the wall opposite the conference table with one foot on either end. While the idea was a good one on my part, I would say, the execution was a nightmare...way too much math for me!

Then, this one small request to review a press release that we should have been releasing ourselves turned into researching the background of a project I knew nothing about to draft our own press release, reworking the parts of the other press release that pertained to us, and working out the coordinated release with the other communications person...oh...and...trying to get our staff on the phone to ask questions while they are on vacation.

I ate cookies all day, wrote, researched, and wrote some more. And ate more cookies.

My goal was to also take lunch this week since I very rarely get the chance to do so. I brought the book I am reading in anticipation of a bit of relaxing time. Not only did I never have even a moment to myself, but I also left the book there! My stomach is still roiling from all those cookies and my book is all the way across town. How am I supposed to fall asleep tonight?

Tomorrow just has to be the quiet day I envisioned...and I must stay away from the eight containers of homemade cookies still sitting on the counter.

Will power anyone?

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