Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Resurrection Day!

This day was filled with a few blessings for me, primarily through the woman with whom I work at my MWF temp job. She invited me to her church and to a dinner party afterwards. I know...shocking, eh? Me doing something social.

The worship music was a band with the bass set so loudly that I could not hear a single word of the singers, but the sermon was biblical and sound. The surprising part was that the pastor talked about the CFL revolution that was on the horizon (those compact florescent bulbs I've written about earlier). He used the analogy to talk about how Jesus is the true light of the world and if more Christians would set aside their own agendas to walk in obedience to Him it would be a revolution greater than even the billions and the environment that can be saved by those "swirly" bulbs. To show his commitment to being good stewards of this world, he bought bulbs for every household in the church.

At the dinner, I had the opportunity to talk with a man who is slated to go to Ethiopia on a two week mission trip next August. His family, not being Christians, are livid at the idea. We talked about our common experience (both mission work and non-Christian families), and I was able to encourage him. For a small moment, despite how I have been feeling, I was able to be light and salt to a brother in Christ. For a small moment, I was useful in the kingdom of God, even being the cracked vessel that I am. What a great God He is! Selah.
The woman served that Honey Baked ham I so enjoyed at Thanksgiving and piled a plate high for me to take home. Delicious!

When I came home, I painted the second coat on the basement closet doors. The whole time I was painting, I kept trying to figure out what was wrong with the doors. Below is a photo of the new floor and one of the doors. See if you can tell what is wrong with them!

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