Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A little while ago, my mother up and sent me a package of clothes that she thought I could wear. Half of them are too small. But, perhaps, someday...

One was a dress with a jacket/shirt over it that is simply beautiful. Another was this killer blue jacket shirt that is tunic length and is royal blue with these artsy suns all over it. It is absolutely a perfect fit to my personality and absolutely NOT what she would expect me to wear (because of its length), so it was a surprise.

Then there was this chocolate brown Chico's Travelers outfit. I am sure she meant this for work, but I wouldn't wear it there. It really is one of those lounging outfits of old, with a tunic length top (three-quarter length sleeves & split sides) and snug, straight-leg pants. The whole outfit is a size smaller than I would wear in public, too. [I do not wear anything fitted tightly.] So, I put it in the box with the other items for "later."

However, this past weekend, I suddenly thought that it might work for a lounge outfit for me. After all, that it what it looks like to me. Sure enough, the fit is tight, but okay. And boy, oh boy, is it comfortable. Not only is it like wearing pajamas, but it is a different outfit than the one I have been wearing at home since I lost all that weight. I actually look more classy and less trashy! Too bad Kashi and the birds cannot appreciate my efforts to improve my couch potato existence.

Tonight I worked on a project that was sheer pleasure. I had sort of been pushing to create this big-picture spreadsheet for a while, but it was only today that I convinced my second-job boss of the value of it. She will find it useful, but also do I. Organization is just plain satisfying!

Speaking of weight, in eight days, I gained 15 pounds. I am SO VERY FRUSTRATED. I suspect it is because of a medicine change, but since I have made two of them at the same time, I am not sure why. For example, on Monday I had milk and yogurt for breakfast, ham and Gatorade for lunch, and soup and a English muffin with cream cheese for dinner. This morning, I had gained 2.6 pounds! I didn't even consume that much weight in food!

One of the drugs turned out to be addictive, so I have been fighting dizzy spells for just over two weeks. Finally that is abating. However, I started noticing last week that I gained weight. I thought it was because I had two actual meals in the same day. But then the other seven days were my usual fare and the pounds packed themselves on.

I am hoping whatever is causing this stabilizes. After all, I want to keep wearing my new outfit!

I decided to get serious about water consumption and have had 32 ounces every day for the past four days. Water is not very tasty in my opinion.

Oh, how I long for pizza. If I am going to suddenly turn back into a cow, I would at least like to enjoy it!

I have been ignoring the call of the lawn for well over a week. I think I might need to invest in a sickle.

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