Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Another talk...

I had to have another Come-to-Jesus talk with myself.  For the fourth day in eight, I had missed every dose of my medication save the erythromycin.  It has happened so much of late that I started bleeding ... and it's been three years since that embarrassing, difficult problem was resolved.

Myrtle, you simply have to have your medications out in a spot where you will see them all the time.  Your brain is no longer reliable enough to remember to take the day's box to the nightstand at night and then to the table next to the GREEN chair in the morning.  Your health depends on being consistent with your maintenance medications. and your brain is no longer capable of remembering ... or being consistent.


My kitchen counters do have things on them, but very little in comparisons to the counters I have seen of others.  I have my toaster, canisters, and utensil holder on the corner counter.  On the sink run, I have my knife block and natural wood (from a sustainable forest) cutting board.  At the very end, I have a small collection of things that make me smile: a tiny GREEN pitcher from Becky, a tiny replica of a Dr Pepper platter, and a tiny cow (a long, long, long story).

I prefer great expanses of nothingness on my counters.  Better to see and give thanks for the richness of the GREEN granite counters my mother "upgraded" for me.  In fact, I have contemplated putting away the rather beautiful cutting board because I use the plastic mats most of the time.  Visual Rest.  That's my balm.  Visual Rest with swaths of GREEN is icing on the cake.

This is not visual rest.
It is an inescapable reminder of what I am losing.
And the Interior Designer's Daughter in me finds it unacceptable decor.


I need to think about the longer term issues with moving my medication box from the shelf in the bathroom down to the kitchen.  Clearly, I will not be able to overlook it here.  I will see it many times a day (feeding Amos, letting Amos go outside, feeding myself, etc.).  Do I try to reorganize space in the dining room built-ins for my medications?  Do I add another basket to the top of the refrigerator for all my medication bottles?  Or do I haul the thing upstairs each week to fill it and hope that I remember to bring it back down right away?

"Hope to remember."
Not a good phrase for me.

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