Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A good man...

A good man died today.

He was kind and generous and thoughtful.

His whole life.

He was the best brother any sister could have.  Admittedly, his sister was a difficult and, at times, mean person who did not support her brother or his wife.  And yet this man loved his sister, working hard to remain in her life.  He visited her every week she was in the nursing home save for the ones he was in the hospital himself.  Faithful to his sister her entire life until the day she died.

He also stepped in and was a surrogate father to his sister's children, when his sister's husband died suddenly at a young age, especially one of his nieces who needed him.  He loved his niece and her children and included them in his own family, filling the parental void in her life.

He was a good man.  A kind man.  A man who literally spent his entire life turning the other cheek and continuing on in love and in mercy.

Charles Carneal (1919-2014)

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Mary Jack said...

Our sincere condolences, and those are lovely pictures.

Wishing you well!