Sunday, January 11, 2015

Still germy...

Today, I took my basket down to the basement to meal shop from the freezer.  Standing in front of the open door, I wondered just how wicked it would be to simply fill the basket with jars of Spicy Dr Pepper Pulled Pork.

I didn't.

I think that might possibly be the last jar of Roasted Rutabaga and Parsnips Beer Cheese Soup.  I'd like to make it again, but all that grating of cheese is bloody exhausting.  One of those three smaller jars is the last of the pulled chicken I made.  I'd like to try it again, with different flavoring.  [I sure do wish I better understood flavoring.]  That is also the last jar of my enhanced refried black beans for my chalupas, but I can always whip up another batch ... even though I don't remember all that I dumped in there.

I consoled myself over the Cowboys loss with some roasted broccoli.  If you haven't bought any of the Kulps' organic seasoning salt, you should.  It is just magical with roasted broccoli and with saut√©ed asparagus.

I did not eat much yesterday because I broke down and took some Claritin D.  I was so very miserable and so very weary of being miserable and so very tired of taking cold medicine that didn't fully help me and it is a decongestant that works so very well for me.  Only, well, now it makes my blood pressure spike, probably due to dysautonomia.  However, only my systolic pressure rises, so the pulse pressure widens and I feel rather wretched in another fashion.  Lots of nausea and dizziness and headaches and general malaise.  However, I could breathe clearly for the first time in weeks.  My ears also feel slightly better, though they still itch and hurt.  They are no longer stuffy ... as they had become.  The good thing about Claritin D is that is lasts about two days for me, since I am so sensitive to drugs now.  I am wondering how I will be tomorrow.  The negative part about Claritin D is that I do not sleep much.

It is strange.  The FitBit gives me a weekly summary.  And one of the things that surprised me is that the average time for me to fall asleep of late is 6 minutes, including when I awake to fetch fresh ice packs and fall back asleep.  It used to be hours.  I am so tired all the time.  But last night, all drugged up on my forbidden medication, I couldn't sleep because I couldn't turn my mind off about something.  I also had really, really, really strange dreams.

I think that I don't have a sinus infection and I don't have a cold but something that is part of each.  Mostly, I'm just germy inside.  And I am a tad concerned that I'm going to end up with ear infections, since I haven't really felt my ears since I was a child.  It is like I have an echo of an ache in them.  But how can you have an echo if the event hasn't happened yet??

Mostly, I am weary of being ill.

I gave up my symphony seat last night to a Mozart lover.  I had vowed not to miss any concerts this year, but I was coughing too much to be at the symphony. I think that's what made me throw caution to the wind and take the Claritin D.  That and wanting to just breathe easy for a while ... even if just for a day or two.  I doubt I'd take a second dose.  At least, I hope I don't cave again.  SIGH.
How odd is it that, whilst ill, the things that are most satisfying to me are Honey Nut Cheerios, Nature Valley Granola Bars, and oatmeal?

Oh, one more food note:  In case you are wondering, the Chicken with Bourbon Mustard Sauce freezes beautifully.  I thawed it out and then warmed it up a bit in the microwave.  The chicken was still rather moist and that sauce just as perfect as it was when I first made it.  That sure does bode well for the other two servings still in the freezer.

Too bad you are not here to share them.
I might possibly be glad you are not.
What a wretched sinner am I....

Have I become a glutton??????

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