Saturday, December 05, 2015

Do something...

Today, I wanted to DO SOMETHING.  I have been doing little of late (understandably) and doing always helps my upsettedness.  Though I was rather exhausted at the end of my brief labor, I DID SOMETHING!

It is possible, barely, to hang blinds with one arm.  I admit that there was much foul language taking place in the low moments of my attempt to hang the blinds, but they did help galvanize me across the finish line with this first window.

[Yes, I am steadfastly ignoring the need for sanding, priming, and painting over the old screw holes in the top of both window frames.]

My mother said she would hand them when she comes in two and a half weeks.  But that would be two and a half weeks of BRILLIANT sunlight FLOODING my room in the mornings.  I do believe having those dusty paper blinds gone has helped my asthma, as well as the medications, of course.  So, I do not regret not putting them back up after cleaning all the lace curtains.  However, it is rather difficult to sleep when you are being BLINDED by the sun.

I should have started with the window on the other side of the bed, where the light shines brightest.  However, I am not that smart these days.  That would have taken far more thinking and planning that I am up for at the moment.  However, the second window was rather easy, having conquered the rather steep learning curve of the first one.

Part of the problem was all the trips up and down the stairs.  You see, I could only carry one set of blinds at a time. Then I needed a trip for my drill and level.  Then I needed a third trip for the drill toolbox because I need the extension thingy I rarely use.  Finally I needed a fourth trip (the latter and this one all the way down to the basement) to fetch different screws because my drill is not powerful enough for longish screws.

Amos did not care for the commotion.
He just wanted me to hold him.
I wanted that, too.

I am rather nervous about having seven visitors all in the house, especially because peaceful accord does not always accompany everyone all together, and have been looking for ways to make the visit easier.  Becky, rather helpfully, pointed out in August, during her visit, that it would be good to have a second robe hook in the master bathroom.  So, despite my near frenzy over money, I bought a second robe hook.  It was on the deacon's bench, too.

Installing the matching hardware fixtures in the bathroom was a nightmare the first time round.  It literally took me hours instead of minutes.  I was worried I would not remember the work-around I figured out last time, but I did.  So, this installation too just a couple of minutes.  And another trip downstairs for a tiny screwdriver (I thought it needed an allen wrench).

After resting from my labors for a long while, rather clumsily, I built a fire with the rest of the wood the counselor brought in for me.  I spent the entire even just sitting and doing nothing.  No reading or streaming or listening to music.  I just held Amos (for which he was in seventh heaven) and watched the fire.  Stillness.  Sweet, sweet stillness.

I was going to fetch prescriptions today, but the pharmacist told me I have one filling tomorrow.  I was then going to go tomorrow, but already I have decided that I shall wait until Monday.  Yes, I am a bit nervous about driving.  I also am dreading the pain of putting on a regular bra for being out in public.  And I want Georgie to behave whilst I am out and about.

I will need milk.  That will goad me into going.  Maybe I will need another fire on the morrow to gird my loins for going out??

My reward for my labor?

Bacon Pineapple Bites!  Mmmmmm!  This was my second last meal before surgery (so I could share a meal with Becky after she arrived).  I roasted these at a higher temperature than we tried at first. I think it made for a better glazing of the brown sugar.  Wickedness really.

Maybe I should gird my loins with more bacon pineapple bites?????

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