Monday, May 09, 2016

Still feeling guilty...

I called the vet today, because I remain appalled at the wound on Amos' back.  She suggested I give him a bath to really soak the area, then, when dry, to use triple antibiotic cream on the wound since it is not a place he can reach with his tongue.  The oozing is concerning, but since the skin around the wound is clear, the vet believes I can manage the healing without coming in for oral antibiotics.

How did I miss this?

Today, I had the CT scan.  I honestly cannot fathom how scanning my sinuses will help fighting that infection.  The facility was running rather late, which always makes me agitated.  An hour after my appointment time, I was taken back.  I often wonder about folk who completely ignore my cane.  I mean, I was left standing in a place with no chairs without anyone thinking to ask if I needed one.  So, I sat on the floor.  Why others get so bent out of shape with my sitting on the floor is beyond me.  And, I must admit, I have no patience for their upsettedness over my choice.  Why do they think I bloody care if the floor is hygienic when I am trying to keep from fainting?

Since someone had finally fetched a wheelchair and I was sitting in it, the male tech grabbed my arm to help me out of it.  I did not scream or hit him, but I very quickly and very firmly stated, "Please let go of me."  He asked me if my arm was injured in some way and I said no.  He then asked me why I wanted him to let go.  I simply said, "I usually do not have male personnel in medical testing or treatment."

He left the room, for which I was grateful.  He was tall and imposing and really set me off.  However, there were no tears or shaking on my part. I was agitated, but did not melt down.  Baby steps.

I think the largest part of doing better with that was that I felt no shame when I asked him to let go of me and when I answered why.  And I still think that before just grabbing on to folk, no matter where you are, you should do them the common courtesy to ask if he or she would like help.  So, I was very much okay with where I was in that moment.

Tomorrow, the esophageal study is a fasting test.  Why is that when I am told I cannot eat after midnight, I suddenly have to eat after midnight?  I was told I could take my morning meds with a tiny sip of water.  Why would you say something like that to a person coming in for testing because of swallowing difficulties?  I am debating not taking them until afterwards, but part of the morning meds are ones I like to keep fairly strict in remaining on schedule.  Of course, I normally take them at 6:00 AM, so, to me, I think it would be fine if I had more than a sip of water given that the test is not scheduled to even start until 10:00 AM.  Decisions.  Decisions.

I remain concerned about the cost of both tests, but today, in the mail, I received my settlement check for the class action lawsuit against Labcorp.  I find it interesting that the 1,001th class action lawsuit form I filled out actually netted something.  Well, I did once get a check for $0.81, but that doesn't count to me.  This one was for $180.  I was surprised, but then not since I have been using Labcorp for all my blood work since I first started getting ill.  For once, someone got caught for over-billing.

It was a pleasant surprise and a very much welcome one.

After a long talk with my new GP, I asked her to try and transition me off the Celebrex/Celecoxib for my arthritis pain.  Back in the dark ages, I went through nine medications, I believe, looking for an effective pain relief.  I was rather fearful about going through that again.  However, last year the monthly prescription (generic) was $5.  This year,  it is $154.  I just cannot sustain that and have any hope at staying on top of all the other medical expenses.

I am trying meloxicam, not a pure Cox 2 inhibitor, but one that works much in the same way.  Because the Celebrex/Celexocib lingers in me a bit, I will not really know if I can have manageable relief for two weeks.  I will say that, after four days, I am fairly okay.  How much is meloxicam?  $2.  If I can take it long term, using the mail order pharmacy makes it free.

My other two expensive medications do not have alternatives, for me.  But there are several options to wade through regarding arthritis pain.  You know, if you are willing to experiment with your pain levels.  I think I could live with something that takes the edge off the misery if it is in the Tier 1 level of my formulary.

The new GP also suggested that I try ice packs on my infernally eternally itch pacemaker incision scar.  Actually, the skin around it in about a 4-inch radius itches.  So, the other day, I was lying on ice packs for my head, had an ice pack on my chest, and ended up putting ice packs on my face because the flushing was so bad my skin hurt.  I swear, I need to move to Alaska so I could just live in an igloo.  SIGH.

The ice pack does help, though, with the pain and itching.
Will it ever end?

ARGH.  I just burped a bit and my 7:00 meds, partially dissolved, just popped back up in my mouth.  ICK!  I just want my swallowing to work.  SIGH.

And, maybe, I would actually welcome some warmer weather.  I've had eternally blue feet for a while, with some fearsome cold spells.  Without the heater running, my house is between 48-52 degrees!  It's May!!  Just a wee bit warmer, please.

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