Sunday, August 13, 2017


I am heartbroken....

When I went to take Amos for his walk, I discovered this.

Sometime around 2:00 AM Saturday, two boys pushed over one of my beloved lion statues.  Its mouth and nose was shattered.

I suppose I am fortunate that the body remains intact, since I have a pair of them and I think it would look odd to have just one lion out front.

I called the police and had to work a bit to have someone come out.  Something like this didn't really matter.  The policeman who is writing up the report seemed a bit broken to me.  He spoke of the increased crime in Fort Wayne and the liberal policies that put the criminals they arrest right back out on the street.  I will say that it angers me that I have seen such an increase in crime, even in my own neighborhood.  I also see graffiti as I drive out and about now.  And yet the mayor keeps insisting that crime is not any worse.  Two dead bodies on my street.  A drive-by shooting one street over.  Now vandalism at my house.  Seems worse to me.

I am heartbroken.
And sad.
And weary.

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