Wednesday, October 05, 2005

God is good. I write that with joy. I write that with anguish. He gave such a blessed reminder that suffering is grace to me at night. I walked away from my desk when I had planned on finishing my target for the day. I walked away after telling a friend that I could not go to bible study because I had not planned for it. I hung up the phone and returned to that which I was doing. Suddenly, it hit me that this time it was not others keeping me there late. I had somehow chosen to do so. I got up, chivvied my boss about being there late herself, and walked out. Driving home, I first thought that I would get a jump start on resting for the evening. And then I thought of my friend and the opportunity to study God's Word. I called her and thought I could make it in time. I did. Just barely. The pastor was finishing up a rather long study on 1 Peter. I had only been to a few of the lessons, but the end and review was so very timely. Perfectly so. Suffering is evidence of the Holy Spirit, evidence of the gift of salvation. Suffering is fellowship with Christ. Suffering is an opportunity to glorify God. Suffering is not solitary. He is waiting.

I was overwhelmed with so very many thoughts going through my mind. I certainly have much to ponder. But I will say that studying His Word with fellow Christians was such great refreshment to me. I cannot understand why for months I have allowed every other Wednesday to pass by without partaking of this beautiful opportunity.

I am thankful for this day.

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