Saturday, March 29, 2008

I finally finished unpacking from my vacation. That led to clearing off the stairs (where I stick the stuff that needs to go upstairs but have been ignoring for weeks and weeks and weeks). Doing so meant tacking my filing. I also went through the way-too-many boxes that I had packed from my cubicle and organized them for removal to my new office. I sure do seem to love office supplies!

My cousin D read the article on change and sent this back to me:

So remember this as you go into your new job at a new organization:

"People taking new jobs should recognize that changes, whether expected or unexpected, are in actuality opportunities to learn and to grow. Change, while accompanied by less than pleasant experiences, can ultimately be a very good thing."

I guess I ought to heed his (my) words, eh?

NOTE: My left pinkie finger is healing nicely, that is from the outside at least. In fact, thanks to some amazing antibiotic stuff that my mother had sent at Christmas, you can barely see the puncture marks, and I avoided those fears of a bothersome abscess. However, the finger doesn't work very well yet. It is still rather painful to the touch and a bit swollen. I cannot bend it all the way, and it is of little use when it comes to gripping something. Let's see...just over two weeks out from having a puppydog's canine tooth pass completely through the joint...ought I even be noting my difficulties still?

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