Saturday, January 29, 2011

Finding peace...

Who could have known how much peace I would find in a fire?

We had fires when I was younger, but I do not remember taking such joy and finding such peace in one.  Is it because this is my home?  My fireplace?

I have become rather adept at having woodless fires or ones that use just a few pieces.  Perhaps it is a new skill?  This paper is being delivered that I have not ordered.  Most days, it is a skinny tube.  One day a week it is a larger edition.  I take the larger papers and roll up pieces in toilet paper tubes and paper towel tubes cut in half to make kindling.  To make logs, I take my Dr Pepper cartons (torn in half) and smaller boxes and fill them with rolled-up newspaper and junk mail.  It has been surprising how much of a fire I can have this way. 

When I want a longer fire, I will judiciously add pieces of the scrap wood that the previous owner left behind in the attic, basement, and garage.  I have cut it down to "log" size.  It does burn far more quickly than I would like, but I still have fires. 

The popping and crackling is so amazingly soothing.  I wish I had some sort of comfortable way of lying in front of the fire since I can only sit on the floor for a short while.  Still, lying across the room and having the fire going has been utterly peaceful.  

You know what makes it even more so?  When the wind is blowing!

At her old home, Bettina had these most wonderful wind chimes on her porch.  Resting upon her couch was joyous for being in the bosom of her family, but it was also wonderful hearing the music playing outside.  After the first visit or so, I bought some similar chimes, but I never heard them unless I was standing before them in the back yard and banging them about. 

One of the very first things I did was hang my chimes on a rather convenient hook in the porch ceiling.  Now, when I am on the couch and the wind is blowing, I have my own lovely music.  Couple lovely music with soothing poping and crackling and you have a little slice of heaven come down to earth.

This home.  I cannot really put into words how I feel about it.  I do not have a job yet.  Truth be told, I am fervently hoping that my Father in heaven is a tad slow about providing such.  I want to rest. I want to have the time to think through some things.  I want to untangle more of the Gospel.  I want to savor this amazing gift.  I do not have a job, but I have had such peace arising from my move here.

Did you know that I recently discovered that it has a humidifier?  Between the utter lack of dust compared to my old home and the dearth of dry air, I can and have breathed easier.  I am surrouded by beauty.  I have these wonderful historic features that just tickle my old-fashioned soul pink.  I have as much space as my cramped heart could crave.  I have a front porch that oozes restfulness and affords the opportunity to have music filling my ears when the good Lord causes the wind to blow.  I have a fireplace that soothes me.  My lions have a place of honor.  The birds are happy.  I even have a can crusher for all those Dr Peppers I drink.  All for a price that is simply unbelievable to me.

And in a location where I have had such kindness and mercy heaped upon me.  Surely I am a sheep of the Good Shepherd! do I get some wood for real fires?

Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief!

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