Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What not to burn...

Having essentially lost one of my chief coping mechanisms since there is no place left in my home in need of organizing/reducing, I have been trying to distract myself from thoughts and feelings and physical suffering by trying to cook.  Yes.  Me.  Cook.

It is a deep shame of mine, now that I am on such a limited income, that I ruin much of my food.  I simply forget that I am cooking.  The smoke alarm gets a lot of use these days.  And if I have managed to stay present in the time it takes to cook, if I am following a recipe, I oft ruin the food by not actually following the recipe.  Written instructions are particularly difficult for me to understand.

I am sure some professional could tell me just how ludicrous it is to use a constant source of failure, which happens to discourage me deeply, as a new coping mechanism.  But, alas, I suppose it is merely further evidence of my ... well, let's not put a word to my mental state just now.

Personally, I think a strong point from a positive standpoint could me made about the fact that food is so oft the cause of much suffering and subsequent mental anguish that if food could be a source of victory and enjoyment then that is an admirable coping mechanism.

You can decide if I am walking in folly or not.
Just don't tell me what you think.

I have been trying to find a Mac app or a software program to organize recipes.  But I have not found a free one and the ones I did find, too expensive in my mind, do not have loads of positive reviews.  So, I decided to create a blog that is essentially for me. Another way to remember things.

To create a blog, you have to have a name.  Finding one that fit that was not already taken was rather difficult...until I hit upon one that is perfect for me: What Not to Burn.

I backed dated a few entries to the date when I first made them.  Chief amongst those are basil burgers, the recordation of which reminded me that I have not had them in a while, having forgotten about their tastiness, and should do so post haste.  Once I have finished off all the chicken I grilled, I will make some since I have a package of ground beef in the freezer.

I did not yet post the recipe for honey beer bread.  That recipe was a colossal failure of mine.  I doubt I could make any bread that requires yeast and kneading and rising and such, even though in high school I baked all of our bread from scratch.  But I thought that recipe, yeast free, might work.  Nope.  Nada.  I threw most of the loaf away, ashamed of yet more waste.

The recipes I am posting are successes.  Reminders of things I can do ... and have still done ... despite the cognitive deficits that make doing so a near impossibility of mine.

If you care to take a gander, you can.  If nothing else, you can laugh at my title.  For once...I was witty!

I am Yours, Lord.  Save me!

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