Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The measure of stuff...

Not all stuff is equal. Perhaps none is.  I find it interesting what sold on Craig's List and what didn't.  I mean, who would like snowman holiday decorations???  

Being very firm with myself, I decided to list most of the television series I own online.  The listings are primarily on, where as a new seller, I sort of wonder if anyone will pick me.  Because of that factor, I priced everything significantly below the lowest price listed.  After all, I am not trying to be greedy here.  A few of my series are restricted items on Amazon. The explanation given is a proliferation of fraud with regard to those items.  So, I girded my loins and listed those on eBay.

I also listed my handmade, vintage guitar on Craig's List.  [GULP]  Sadly, I should have sold it before I moved, because I just don't think there is a market for fine guitars here in the boondocks of the midwest.  My goodness, even Sonic left town!  However, I was (and partially still am) in denial over my ability to play the guitar anymore.

Listing things has been my main task today, although I did finish up what I hope to continue to be my monthly correspondence.  Last week, albeit late, I mailed off the letters to the children I started to write.  Today, I finished off the notecards to friends and one lingering thank-you note.  After putting out all the cards atop my mailbox (held in place by my beloved piece of granite), I treated myself to another bowl of my rather tasty black eyed peas.  Then, the listing.  And listing. And listing.

All that listing made me think about how much I savor re-reading books and re-watching television series and movies.  For example, Stargate SG-1 and Battlestar Galactica have gotten me through some really tough moments.  But I can stream those shows, and so it would behoove me should I be able to gardner some funds from the DVD collections.  However, just how beloved are DVDs to anyone anymore?  And how many science fiction fans would still be watching them  on DVDs?  

I do have over 300 movies, many of which were given to me by my DVD-loving father.  But listing those or trying to sell them seems not all that productive.  I was hoping, though, that there would be value in having an entire series for sale.

I have reduce every so much stuff from my life, but I still have stuff ... stuff that means something to me.  But if you walked through my house, would it mean anything to you? And, in the end, what does any of it matter once life this side of the vale is over?

So, the last task that I did today was to create a new folder into my "memory" app (Awesome Note):  Hymns.  There were so very few that I knew before my memory loss began to increase.  Now, I can sing but a few of them.  I typed in the one I still know best:

Lord Jesus, Think on Me (LSB 610)

Lord Jesus, think on me
And purge away my sin;
From worldly passions set me free
And make me pure within.

Lord Jesus, think on me
By anxious thought oppressed;
Let me Your loving servant be
And taste Your promised rest.

Lord Jesus, think on me
Amid the battle's strife;
In all my pain and misery,
O be my health and life!

Lord Jesus, think on me
Nor let me go astray;
Through darkness and perplexity
Point out Your chosen way.

Lord Jesus, think on me
That, when this life is past,
I may the eternal brightness see
And share Your joy at last.

Struggling with the things in my mind, I asked someone last week to sing it to me.  I ache to hear those words based on the Word, those words that echo so much of what I encounter in my beloved Psalter.  I ache to have them poured over me.  So, I asked.  But, as I have said, I am not good at asking for things.  Now, when I am writhing on the bathroom floor or when I awake from nightmares, I can pull up the hymn and read it or perhaps even try to sing it to myself.

I wonder if I can find the others that I can still sing and type them in, too.  First, though, I would have to remember what they are.  Do you know what I know ... or knew?

I am Yours, Lord.  Save me!

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