Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Riding the roller coaster...

In the wee hours of Sunday, I was plastered to the floor because something was pressing upon that blasted vegus nerve.  Every time I tried to get up, my blood pressure plummeted even further. I tried to stream something to distract me, but knowing stool moving along the course of your intestines is felling you is rather demoralizing. Concentrating on anything other than what is happening is near impossible. Over two hours later, the weakness, dizziness, trembling, and nausea abated.

I try to sleep, but mid afternoon, I became awash in the most violent waves of nausea. My blood sugar was fine. Blasted innards again.  Three doses of Zofran later, I finally find respite.

Monday, needless to say, I slept until 6:15 PM.

After feeding Amos and myself, I wanted to sleep more. So, I napped between spates of working on getting the calorie count for all the types of meals currently in my freezer. In case you are interested, those decadent black-eyed peas are the lowest caloric meal, brown sugar, butter, smoked ham, bacon and all!!

Last night/early this morning, I'm finally ready to sleep and the innards writhing starts building. My abdomen swells and the pain is the absolute worst it's ever been. Scared, I do what any sane person would:  I frantically start cleaning the dishes I've let pile up since Friday having been felled by exhaustion and the wonderful roller coaster that is dysautonomia.  If I was going to perish, I didn't want any commentary by emergency personnel about the condition of my home.

I cleaned the dishes, started the dishwasher, cleaned the counter, cut down the boxes that were still sitting by the back door, took them and the recycling from the back porch to the large bin, and took all the filing that had been piled on the end of the kitchen counter down to the basement. No, I didn't file it, but put it in the filing tray.

I moaned.
I grunted.
I screamed.

But at least my first floor no longer looks like a sloth was living there. Priorities.

Hours later, the pain has diminished enough for me to at least lie in bed with the heating pad draped across my abdomen.  I am so exhausted. I am weary of pain. And I need to sleep.  But the pain in my abdomen is not yet tolerable enough so that my exhaustion can override it.

I need a break.
Amos needs one, too.

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