Saturday, November 05, 2016

That's me...

I'm not a huge fan of memes.  I especially don't care for the fact that we created a new word for them.  However, there have been a few in a chronic illness page of late that I have particularly appreciated, because a part of me exclaims excitedly That's me!:

I like this one because it has so much familiar on it, such as the priority of knowing the pharmacy number.  But it also highlights the trials of life with chronic illness focusing on the "I" instead of the "you."  I cannot really think how to phrase that, but it teaches others via reminding the self.

This one just ... catches my breath.  There are not enough words in the universe to express how important the words "I believe you" are to those of us struggling with dysautonomia.  And to those who have been sexually abused.

This one made me ever so less alone.  Perfect words.

Exactly!  Insane, isn't?  Sleep is your best friend.  Sleep is your arch enemy.

This one spoke to me, but also chastised me.  Sometimes I think that I am, in part, to blame for others not seeing me as sick because I struggle so much with KUWTJ Syndrome.  When I have visitors, my entire being is focused in Keeping-Up-With-The-Jones ... standing too much, walking too much, working too much, and most definitely not resting/sleeping enough.  So, I think I need to be better at not "looking" well, when the truth is that I am ill.

I am not sure what this really means or if I truly agree, but it reminds me of one of the exchanges that Kaylin has with her beat partner (in my favorite series) about how Kaylin defines herself by her failures and how that affects her and others.  It is a conversation that the two of them have a few times, as Kaylin struggles to shed the shame of her past.  And it is a conversation that gives me pause.

I define myself by my failures.  My falls.  No matter how much I might wish to do the opposite, I still define myself that way.  The worse part is that I include shame as part of my failures ... something outside of me!

So, I guess I am saying that I like this simple meme because it is a gentle reminder to shift my focus away from my failures and, if I am wont to get out the measurement tool, apply it to the after—to the rise—rather than the fall.

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