Sunday, November 13, 2016

The nature of fear...

The only way that I could get Amos out the door for our little walk today was to scoop him up and toss him across my shoulders.  Given that is his most favorite place to be, he was willing to stop protesting his leash.  The downside to that choice is that removing him from my shoulders is actually rather difficult.  Amos is quite skillful in remaining up there when he so chooses.  Still, after a couple of houses, I was able to set him on the ground.

Seven days of taking my dinky little walk with Amos.  Seven days of extra exhaustion.  Seven days of wrestling Amos into his harness leash.  Is is worth it?  I ask myself that quite a bit.  I would rather just snuggle with him on the sofa or in the new GREEN chair.  I do think that it is better for Amos to walk a bit, to get some fresh air and a bit of exercise.

He is a smart little Fluffernutter.  He remembers the two houses with barking dogs and begins begging to turn around before he reaches each one of them.  Today was his bravest day, with the least amount of quivering as he passed by the vocal canines.  Really, given the fact that he himself rather loudly and emphatically protests the existence of any living thing that crosses our sidewalk, I think Amos should take in stride the same behavior.

He tells me that I just do not understand the nature of fear.
Too true.

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