Sunday, September 11, 2011

Firewood update...

So, Firewood Man is really Firewood Young Man.  He called yesterday and rescheduled.  I was disappointed, but I also worked to remain hopeful.  Today, he and his good buddy came and delivered the firewood.  They are fairly young, perhaps even teens, although I am not sure.  They both work for landscapers and spent some time admiring my labors of late.

My neighbor has been very concerned about one of the evergreens because it leans toward her new garage.  I, however, LOVE my evergreens and believe taking out one of them will lose the shade in that back corner where I have the Victorian bench--the place where I often visit to escape from my own weaknesses and weariness, breathe in the amazing fragrance of those trees, and contemplate the gifts of my Creator until my troubled spirit finds solace and peace.

Well, the young men talked with me about topping the tree.  For the bargain basement price of $75, they will take the top 14 feet of tree, which should not hurt the tree, but should give peace to my neighbor, because what will be left would most likely fall between garages or in my yard.  At risk is only my fence.  Not, mind you, that anyone really thinks it will ever fall, but it is leaning.  Her husband died in Afghanistan and my neighbor really does not want to have their last project together damaged.  I can certainly understand that.

Additionally, these strapping young men are going to remove the shrine that is in the yard.  It has bothered me greatly, even though I removed Mary and found her a good home.  The shrine is actually a small cast iron bathtub that is buried 1/3 into the ground.  Even if I could dig it out, I couldn't move it an inch.  They agreed to dig it up if they could sell it and take the proceeds.  To me, that is a wonderful bargain.

Finally, given that I burnt off the grass trying my hand at fertilizing, Firewood Young Man said that he would fertilize for me for $25.  He also said that next spring, he would run an aerator and seed a bit if I need it to fully recover from my folly. And he said that if I end up with another garage full of pruning, he will come and haul it away when he drops off more wood.

In short, I now have a new source of wood, with young men who were polite and helpful and made me feel safe in the way the other person did not.  Life interrupted his first delivery, so I got a phone call--in advance--about not being able to make it and a prompt second delivery time.  He said that he could supply wood all winter and lives just about 15 minutes away.  Once he's no longer mowing, Firewood Young Man said that he could usually deliver the same day I call, but never more than a day or two after.  Music to my ears, eh?

I made a good choice, I think.  I cease doing business with the first man and seek out another provider who would treat me with respect and be more reliable in service.  In the process, I found an economical means of dealing with some lingering yard issues and put my very kind neighbor at ease.

Oh, how my Good Shepherd has cared for His struggling sheep this Lord's day! You see, I prayed several times over the listings, fearful of both trying and of making the right choice if I dared.  I settle on one, and it is the one Christ uses to bring me a small spate of peace and rest and help me find two whose vocations will be yet another way He heaps mercy upon me and reminds me that I am His.

Lord, I believe.  Help my unbelief!


ftwayne96 said...

So glad that the Lord worked things out for you, Myrtle. Wonderful news! Thanks be to God! Great post, by the way.

Myrtle said...

Thanks, Dolph!

I carted eight loads of wood to the back porch today to begin my stack. I think that I should do no more than six, for I get rather wobbly after that point. Moving a rank of wood is good exercise though, eh? Even if it might take me a week or so?

I am VERY giddy over the thought of the shrine being gone. I find it rather disconcerting, even though Mary is gone.

Mostly, I am so very thankful--leaping and praising God--to have found an alternative source of firewood. You probably did not go back and see all those Facebook posts about fires and you've yet to get to the blog entries. I was genuinely surprised to discover how soothing fires can be and oft had one burning from morning to mid-night all winter long.

The weather turned warm again, but it looks like next week might be a legitimate opportunity for a fire to warm my abode and the cockles of my heart.

Becky said...

Remember, NO axes! And I agree, fires are soothing and toasty.

Myrtle said...

Becky, how did you know that there are some pieces that need to be split with the axe you had me buy? You are bloody clairvoyant!

The temperature will be dropping this week due to a Canadian cold front moving in. I cannot wait!

Only...with my new foot issue, I am not sure how I am going to move the wood from the garage. :(

Becky said...

I'm sure you could fashion a harness and sled for Amos to pull it. And since he could only pull two maybe three logs at a time, you could tire him out and he wouldn't feel the need to go pooping around the house.

Myrtle said...

You crack me up, Becky! I LOVE the idea of an Amos harness!

We just had a poop victory. He growled at me in front of the couch. We went out side and he peed. And then, after much coaching on my part, nosed around in the ground cover that I left for him until he found the best place to poop.

I think I should rename him George of the Jungle! My, does he love burrowing through plants!