Saturday, December 14, 2013

Our Thanksgiving Update No. 1...

It's snowing.  Heavily.  I shoveled the sidewalks, but they are already covered again.  I am fearful Paul and Marie will not make it here.

The Double Chocolate Dr Pepper Cake is finished, but I am a bit worried that I might possibly of burned it.  I very much want to try a chunk of it, but am trying to leave it unbroken.  See those dark spots in the icing?  In both the cake and the icing, there were dark spots.  It was like the cocoa never mixed ... or something burned.

The stuffing is in the borrowed crock pot.  I thought I would wait to post the recipe since I only post what I know works for me.  I changed it a bit.  None of us are celery fans, so I cooked the celery in the onions and butter, but then fished the large chunks out.  I also added minced garlic, because I couldn't fathom why garlic was not in the recipe.  Not having poultry spice, I added some all spice and added extra of everything else.  I also threw in some rosemary for good measure.  At least the bread (Panera's sourdough loaf) was good.  Did I cube it too large??  SIGH.

Both the turkey and the mashed potatoes will have roasted garlic, as well as one of our appetizers.  So four bulbs are roasting in the oven at the moment.  I very much hope they turn out better than my first attempt here last summer.  I am pinning those hopes on the fact that I had a recipe to follow this time.

I also made scrambled eggs with bacon and cheddar cheese, along with peanut butter toast for my charge.  So, I have washed three sinks full of dishes already and I am already exhausted.  I am thinking the first casualty of the day should be my desire to wear real clothes, rather than my hoodie and men's lounge pants.  But who is a slob on Thanksgiving???

See the pineapple?  I keep forgetting to mention that that is one of our appetizers/appetizer's ingredients.  I am not sure which yet.  Plus, you can see the inroads on the butter.  One box is already in the recycling bin, one half opened, one waiting.

Butter ... it does a Thanksgiving good!

Lord, have mercy.  Christ, have mercy.  Lord, have mercy.

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