Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I've been trying to write this post about a portrayal of sexual abuse on the show Elementary since the beginning of November.  I finally finished it, early this morning, by weaving in this documentary series I found in which one gets a rather raw, incredibly authentic look at the effects of sexual abuse. For me, watching the series was difficult and yet was also affirming.  Even insightful.  It is sad, to me, though, that decades after The Courage to Heal was published, we are still so very ignorant about the effects of sexual abuse and survivors are still more likely to not have help than any sort of support.

Along the lines of understanding, I found this really great article about what to say when someone has an anxiety attack the other day. I have passed it on to my friend who struggles with anxiety and like that I have a simple resource to share if anyone is ever interested in how to really help.  The tips are spot-on and demonstrate that little things matter.  You do not have to be a trained mental health professional to be of great benefit to one in the throes of an anxiety attack.  All you need to be is a wee bit knowledgeable (read the article and remember those simple tips) and a wee bit merciful (practice one or two of them).

Today has been a toasty day of writing letters.  Yes, I am still enamored with both the electric blanket for the GREEN chair and the foot warmer for the bed.  I actually have the house set at 60 now, and yet I am quite comfortable. I think the blanket must radiate a bit because my hands are not cold.  Or maybe the reason my hands are not cold is that the rest of me is mighty warm???

Anyway, this is round three of my Letters-to-the-Children-in-My-Life campaign.  I find it exceedingly difficult to write one-sided conversations and really humbling to realize that I frankly do not know how to write a letter to a young child.  One of my nephews is actually 13 (translate that, not exactly a child), but he has autism.  And, frankly, since I have not even been able to Skype with them and they do not visit, I really do not know them at all.  Still, I pressed on and generated six more awkward missives to children and eight note cards to those about whom I care.

One thing I might not have captured yet here on this place of remembrance is how much I enjoy choosing stamps for the person who will receive the piece of mail. Long ago, it was easy to go to a post office and find a wide variety of stamps available.  For many years now, the African American Heritage stamps are about the only ones available in the post office.  While I do always buy some because I believe the message is important, I like variety and the ability to match personality with stamp.

I had some of the bonsai forever stamps in the shopping cart at the post office website for a long while, but I kept putting off buying them.  The inventory is now gone.  I have a few left, so I shall save them for the one person I know revels in bonsais.  My choices now are limited to the love stamp, Green stamps (those do have a good variety to them), and the vintage seed packets stamps (as in choices palatable to me from those available online).  I will note that if the rate is raised again in January, I will be stocking up on those forever stamps!

I have lingered over the Year of the Dragon stamps, because I like dragons, but I wondered what message that would send ... cultural appreciation or something else. A part of me felt like the ex-literacy professor should have chosen the Harry Potter forever stamps, but I did not out of protest.  While I could write for a long while on the literacy accomplishments in that series and the strong writing for young adults (especially the evolution of the character development from child to teenager to young man), I snort in disgust at all those who try to put a christological  or Christian allegorical slant on the series.  That's just hogwash.  Balderdash.  Speciousness.  So, no Harry Potter stamps will be going out from this address.

Silly Myrtle.

By the way, one of my favorite-est people in the whole wide world, who is an incredible artist, who has the greatest integrity and probity with regard to customer care, who is a great web designer, and who is a most fantastic of bloggers, Caryl, is going to do a line of note cards from her photographic artwork.  A most stellar gift idea, if you ask me.  Anyhow, she is looking for feedback as to which pieces to use.  Personally, I already gave her the only answer she needs (3 lines of cards not 1; series of whites, series of close-ups, and a mixed series), but she would probably (most definitely) welcome your feedback.  If you have not already checked out her blog from my link list, I would highly recommend that you do.  A Growing Garden is so very interesting and informative, is rather well-written, and has bloody fantastic artwork!

I am Yours, Lord.  Save me!

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