Monday, June 20, 2016

Another sale...

I sold the mattress/boxspring set from the bed I removed from the solarium today.  Well, actually, I sold the barely used mattress/boxspring set from the servant's quarters and moved the more used mattress/boxspring set from the bed I removed from the solarium into the servant's quarters.  Confusing, I know, but not really.  The good news, besides the cash, was that I had set a deadline of when the donation folk came to pick up the full mattress/boxspring set as the final date for attempting to sell this spare bedding set on Craigslist.  When are the donation folk coming?  On Wednesday!  Two days to spare.  And $75 toward paying off my new mattress.  I logged onto the zero interest account and made a payment immediately.

In my quest to downsize, I have donated quite a bit over the past few years.  I probably could have sold some of that, but I was not as skilled at Craigslist selling as I am now.  That and I actually like the idea of donation.  However, with wanting to better my comfort level, I needed to sell all that I could in order to (mostly) make that happen.

Today, my grand achievement (other than my sale) was to track down where I had put the box of doohickies for the bottom of furniture because the table I moved to the living room was rocking.  One leg seems to be short (probably the floor is crooked there).  I simply haven't used that stash since I moved.  It was in the utility closet, where I thought they would be, but not where I thought they would be.  Digging through the box of all the different types of furniture protector doohickies, I found one the right thickness and was able to get the table to stop rocking (more effective than the proverbial matchbook beneath the leg).

Other than that, I spent the day recovering after each trip outside with Amos because it is STINKING HOT outside.  SIGH.

I would remain in the air-conditioning until the temperature cools back down, but I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.  Across town.  And a long, long walk from parking to the actual office.  Have I mentioned how much I hate sweating?  And fainting?

This whole spring was really weird in that we had a few warm days and cold that lasted late into May.  Having to use the heat cold.  Now, we have August heat baking us.  Or rather steaming us.  Even Amos didn't want to be outside today.  I didn't blame him.

I fervently hope that it is not too hot outside for me on the morrow.

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