Saturday, July 23, 2005

Ask me where I am right now.

"Where are you?"

I am sitting right next to my best friend as we are dueling in on-line Scrabble while her husband is working outside and her daughter is sleeping upstairs...and we will be having pizza tonight!

Yep, I threw way too much stuff for two days into a suitcase and hopped in the car to drive to her home. Three hours later, I was with my friend. Hmm...after getting not the news I expected, instead of picking up the shears, I picked up the keys.


Driving is difficult for me, especially long distances. The arthritis in my back and wrists makes for an extremely painful journey. Still, I wanted to come. And it was a bit easier than last time...though I was really agitated when I met up with my friend at the Philles' stadium where we agreed to meet. She and her husband were being welcoming and all I wanted was to drive so the journey could be completed. It should have been so I could have arrived at her house, but it was to get out of that blasted car. Of course, not even knowing that I have to drive back home in just one more day is enough to dampen my joy at being with her.

Not even the fact that I just lost the game of Scrabble...

Not even.

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