Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fancy is asleep, tucked just beneath my chin. Kashi is curled up in a ball at my feet. I am barely keeping my eyes open on the couch.

I am done with the contract in that I announced I was done without completing the original targeted number of pages. Well, actually, I cautiously negotiated the research I had to do in order to make their deadline since no further source material was forthcoming to stand in lieu of the 27 targeted paged yet undone. A project lead agreed. I went to sleep.

Fourteen hours later, I awoke.

I still am tired.

Since my last post, I averaged just about five hours sleep on the nights I actually did sleep. Two of them I worked all night. A stupid thing to do in my condition.

Today, I spent the majority of the day as a part of a team teaching elementary school children about homelessness, much of my time spent reading Eve Bunting's Fly Away Home nine times. I practically have the book memorized...but we all know that the story will slip from my mind quickly.

After four weeks of effort, I finally got my eye exam records from the specialist sent over to the neurological ophthalmologist so that I could make an appointment with him. December 10th was the next nearest day. For reasons that are not obvious to me, I have to have a complete work up before I see him, but I am waiting until it is closer to my appointment.

Today would have been a perfect day to have my consultation. What I could not see is actually more than what I could.

Yesterday was so horrible that I could hardly breathe.

So, trembling from being on my feet all day, disturbed from the stress at work, and eyes bleary, I decided it was a good time to tend to my bonsais. With the decidedly winter chill spreading across this region, it is definitely time to bring them indoors. Yet, both were still nowhere near the shape they should be. They still are not. But this session, coupled with the last, has moved them more in the right direction.

And I? Well, I had an hour of peace where nothing filled my heart or mind save the wonder of God's creation.

I needed that.

And now? Well, I am off to bed. Perhaps I will be caught up on my sleep by 2009...

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