Friday, October 17, 2008

Oh, am I tired.

Thankfully so, the contract work came to a halt on Tuesday, so I could throw myself into the event that is next week.

I drafted a press release, media release, project overview, property "story," and property fact sheet. I also designed the program, the badges, and the frame for the property "story." And I drafted the talking points, program script, and program agenda and collected all the bios from the speakers and the logos from our project sponsors. Frankly, I impressed myself! Next Tuesday, I have a long date with the color printer.

I am, however, very, very tired.

Tonight has been a mighty battle with arthritis pain. I want nothing more than curl up in the fetal position and die...if only to meet my savior! Alas, however, neither will happen, for I have hours and hours of work ahead of me since the Contract Job started up again with that near impossible deadline still targeted despite losing 4 days of work.

Sitting here, gritting my teeth against the pain, I am trying to focus on the positive:

Two nights ago, I was privileged to see a glorious piece of God's handiwork. I posted the rather grainy photo that does not a whit of justice to the harvest moon above, but I thought it would at least give you a glimmer of what I witnessed.

As I detailed above, I was able to accomplish a rather prodigious amount of work this week.

Right now, some ten feet below me, D's two oldest children are sleeping. I am not sure how I will be able to get done what I need to get done, but I sure do enjoy having them around. We colored and played Sorry and watched a movie this evening. D arrived with her children, groceries, homemade Pumpkin muffins, and homemade rice krispy treats. Now, I had to bank my disappointment over the lack of deviled eggs, but one bite of the muffins made that task quite easy.

So, I have much to be thankful for, eh?

NOTE: B has a great entry on her blog about memories. Reading her words, I found myself smiling through tears. I enjoyed getting to know her a wee bit more, but the reminder that I have no such memories saddens me. I know that we live a fleeting life. However, I feel as if mine is but a sights or sounds or scenes are available to me of that which I long to remember.

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