Saturday, March 26, 2011


Fires might work exceedingly well as therapy, but in order to help offset the heating bill, one must remember to close the back door after schlepping in the wood.

[Any helpful suggestions as to how I might do this?  I shall not admit exactly how many times this has been a problem.  No asking Amos either!]


Becky said...

Put a note on the fireplace above the wood that says to shut the front door.

Or put a second wood bucket thing inside by the back door and fill it from the porch. Then you're right there to shut the door. And fill the bucket by the fireplace with the wood from the kitchen bucket.

Or always make two trips and on the second trip only carry two logs and since you won't have huge load, you can easily shut the door.

Or get a hand truck to move the wood, so you aren't carrying it and then you can just stop when you get in the kitchen and easily shut the door.

Or you could train Amos to do it.

Or get a hydraulic arm thing and attach it to the door.

How's that?

Becky said...

Oops the first suggestion should say "shut the back door."