Thursday, March 24, 2011

Painting with a puppy... a recipe for disaster!  Try as I might to keep him OUT of the parlor, Amos was most determined to be at my side through thick and thin.  At one point, there was a trail of puppydog paw prints across the wooden floor on the narrow strip that did NOT have a drop cloth covering it.  SIGH.

He also--the wretched dog--chewed up a brand new roller.  You know how when children are being quiet they are usually at their most destructive?  Well, there I was, moving along, thinking that I had found a good rhythm and he had found peace with my being on the ladder.  Nope.  He was happily engaged in some chewing therapy!

I am, however, happy to announce that the walls are all primed.  I would like to paint them tomorrow--both coats--but I do believe that will be too much effort.  I will say that I shall NOT be starting the solarium any time soon...or the hallway...or the foyer.  I am almost thinking that one space a month is enough painting for me.

Only you know me...I do not like leaving things undone...all that paint will be crying out to me with a intense siren call.

Now...if I only had peeps in my life instead of a just a puppydog.  Then, I could do like you see on TV.  I could have a painting party!  Pizza.  Beer. [UGH!]  A true BYOB party (bring your own brush)!

As to my skill, I do believe that absolutely no one will be able to spot the floor to ceiling crack or even most if not all of the cracks.  However, once I started priming, I noticed some rather deep trowel marks that I had missed.  [Those plaster guys in 1920 were a bit lazy if you ask me].  The two worst spots are both behind doors, so mostly no one will see them.  I will note that for every trowel divot I did fill another six were missed.  Oh well.

I am looking forward to seeing the paint upon the wall.  Because I am in a place where the less decisions I make the better, I simply bought a color two people told me would be good upon the walls.  Brave of me?  For the record, although it is called Mellowed Ivory, it is supposed to have a tiny bit of a green cast to it!

I wanted to leave the puppy paw prints on the floor for posterity's sake.  However, I rather dutifully cleaned them up.  Amos is sleeping on my arm right now (making typing a bit difficult), but before we go to bed I shall have to search his hair for paint.

Is it too unrealistic of me to hope there isn't any?

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