Thursday, January 05, 2012

Not quite yet...

I still cannot really tell you about the mattress, for my head still very much objects to its presence in this world.  Right now, so do I.

A short while ago, Sandra went to Target with me via Sprint while I picked up a new prescription for migraines that does not have caffeine in it.  Here's hoping that although you are to take it at the onset, the medication still might have a positive effect.

Sandra had a good idea about my failure over drinking water: Koolaid.  I had but two options, either cherry or grape, so I bought three packets of cherry.  I also bought a pitcher since I actually do not have one.  I was pleased that there was a glass one with a green top left over from Christmas for just $5.  That's my kind of price point.  I am trying an experiment, though.  I did not put any sugar in the Koolaid.  The cherry stuff is kind of strong.  So, I am wondering if just the flavoring alone will suffice...if ice cold.  Many drinks are tastier, in my opinion, if they are ice, ice, ice, ice cold. Just short of actual freezing is good to me!  Plus, any drink out of a container with GREEN in it will most certainly be good.

I also picked up some cranberry juice, the tart, plain stuff.  I forget that I like to have a small hit of that.  If I were to drink some cranberry juice, double my Gatorade, and drink perhaps two cups of cherry water, then I would have made a significant step forward.  I also thought I should get back to drinking tea, since I actually know how to properly brew the stuff.  It is just that I forget these things...cranberry juice and tea...that I could be doing that would be less work when it comes to changing my intake to a mixture that is easier on my broken innards.

My sister also had a good idea for how to get more sodium, since I really am failing at that, too.  She suggested those flavored rice packets.  [Surely I couldn't ruin those, right?] Now, as a youth, I had so much rice in my life that some time around 30 or so, one day I awoke and realized that if I never had another grain before I died, I would still have a great culinary life.  From then on, no rice for me was my M.O.

Perhaps this long hiatus will make rice more palatable to me.  But, in any case, my sister pointed out that those rice mixes are very high in sodium, yet not overly salty in taste.  You see, I cannot just douse my food in salt.  I spent most of my adult life not even cooking with salt.  Unless a food is supposed to be salty, such as bacon, I truly struggle with the taste of salted food.  So, I really do need that stealth sodium...such as that most wonderful Panera salad that has 1320 mgs in it!  Even a Taco Bell bean burrito has 1,100 mgs, I believe.  In any case, I could have rice with my grilled chicken as an alternative to having potatoes.

I have been rather morose, extremely grumpy, and downright discouraged.  Frankly, I am a bit appalled at how poor a migraine patient I am.  I honestly do have a high tolerance for pain, except for, as it turns out, pain in my head.  Even Amos is getting tired of me.

I would really, really, really, really, really, really like a bit of relief....


ftwayne96 said...

So, you have been "rather morose, extremely grumpy, and downright discouraged" lately, huh? If I were not the paragon of sympathy and compassion people universally acclaim me as being, I would make some sort of smart-alec remark such as, "So, what else is new?" However, since I am a rare and sterling model of empathy, I would never consider -- even in a thousand years! -- responding to your complaint in such a calloused, cold-hearted way.

Laughing WITH you, not at you, but also grieving WITH you for the distress that you've experienced the last several days. In prayer our family seeks to help you bear your burden, confident that Christ Himself is the One who really carries it for you. His peace, comfort, and strength be yours.

The word verification for this comment is "tiontids" -- as in, "I used to suffer horribly from migraines several days a month, until an ENT surgically removed the inflamed tiontids from my sinuses."

Myrtle said...

Oh, come on, Fred, surely you can do better than that! I know! I know that I became the very basest form of myself under that constant assault of pain. Grumpy was an extreme understatement! Don't you have some alternative descriptions in that noggin' of yours?

ftwayne96 said...

Hellish harridan? Venomous viper? Sharp-tongued and shrewish slattern?

Posted with a warm smile! :-)

Myrtle said...

Now that more like it!

ftwayne96 said...

We aim to please. . . :-)