Saturday, September 14, 2013

Can I tempt you...

Today, I learned that for a mere $10 more than it costs to buy a single one-day adult pass for someone to push me around in the wheelchair at my beloved botanical conservatory, I could get an annual pass to have a free adult guest each and every time I visit!

Today, Wynne indulged me in first, going there, and second, letting me take 183 (I was rushed) photographs.  I miss fooling around with my camera.  My rather shaky hands mean that I oft simply cannot take the photo I wish to do so.  However, I did manage to capture a few bits of God's creation passably well.

Can I tempt you to come push me about the place with any of these favorites?

I am Yours, Lord.  Save me!


Caryl said...


Myrtle said...

Would that it were you could visit, Caryl! I do wonder what magical, wondrous photos you would take at the conservatory whenever I am fooling around with my camera there. There is so much to see through the eye of a camera lens. Today, I was thinking primarily about texture. All my photos of the rocks were a colossal fail, but a few captured what I longed to feel with my fingertips.