Thursday, April 10, 2014

A bit of Myrtle Lent...

Marie is sick and out of freezer food.  With her work schedule (and prep time to work), the only way she and Paul can have good food during the week is to make it ahead of time.  I have been wanting to try bartering with her:  my culinary labor for her cleaning labor.  So, we took a shot at that today.  Well, I did.

I chose things for which I had the items already on hand.  After all, I am not merciful enough to drag myself to the grocery store and cook.  So, I made her Spicy Dr Pepper Pulled Pork, Chipotle Chicken Chili, Myrtle's Black Eyed Pea Medley, and a new dish that I made up: Roasted Butternut Squash and Goat Milk Pasta.  I also made her a batch of flour tortillas to go with the pulled pork.

I am very  pleased with my latest attempt at roasted butternut squash.  This is from the other day, but I used the same method.  First, I smeared copious amounts of olive oil on the split halves that had their innards scooped out.  I used my fingers to rub in the olive oil and ensure every bit of flesh was thoroughly coated.  Then, I generously sprinkled sea salt and McCormack Peppercorn Medley®, before sprinkling on ground thyme.  You could hear the tops sizzling in the oven!

I thought that the end result was pretty fantastic for someone who was trying to come up with a dish using items she had on hand.  I only wish that this was headed to my freezer, instead of Marie's.

After nine and a half hours of cooking, I have 32 servings of main dishes and 13 tortillas dough balls.  I also finally have a clean kitchen again.  I am bloody exhausted, but now my friend and her beloved will not starve, nor will my friend jeopardize her health trying to cook when she's feeling so very wretched.

It was sheer AGONY to smell the spicy Dr Pepper pulled pork for FIVE hours.  Its fragrant aroma filled the first floor.  No matter that I have 10 jars of the stuff in my own freezer, I wanted all of the new batch for myself.  In fact, frankly, I wanted all of all of the tastiness being made in my kitchen for myself.  The whole endeavor was this rather intense object lesson on my own greed, gluttony, and weakness.  Yes, this sinful, silly sheep needs a Savior who will daily and richly forgive her.

Is that not what Lent is about?
Am I not supposed to be reflecting upon my inescapable sin?
Am I not supposed to be reflecting upon the Son of God who came to address that inescapable sin?

I am Yours, Lord.  Save me!

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