Monday, April 14, 2014


Never.   Never have I been in as much pain from a weather front as I have been in today.

This was my magnolia tree yesterday.

As you can see, the blooms were opening and the grass in my yard is becoming quite GREEN ... even growing!

This is my magnolia tree tonight.

Because it is SNOWING.

Finding my main floor to be 79 degrees yesterday, I turned on the air-conditioning and ran it all night just to cool down the house.  Around noon, I turned it off.  I turned it off when I was fetching new ice packs and more pain medication, wondering just how much more misery in my joints I could take.

When I saw the snow falling, I just about died.  I called Marie and she, too, was just about dying, having commiserated with someone at the grocery store about the agony of more snow.  At the symphony Saturday night, the long, long, long and very much snow-laden winter was the main topic of conversation.  Mostly, folk were comparing winter mental anguish war stories.

I started weeping when I saw the magnolia tree.  For sure, whatever blooms that were there will all be brown and dying as the snow melts.  And, I suspect, the rest of the buds will not open.  My weeping cherry tree was just starting to show the tiniest bit of white on the bud tips.  The forsythia bush and the crabapple tree both also held buds clearly on the cusp of opening. What will become of them?

Amos was delighted—the Rat Bastard—to see the snow.  He's been ever so fearful of the return of the GREEN grass, and our tending-to-business sessions have been rather contentious of late.  Snow is his beloved friend.

I like snow.
A lot.
Just not so much now.

I have not been able to sleep much last night or today, for I cannot find a comfortable position or enough distance from the misery of my body to drift off.  I wonder.  Will the same happen when it warms up again in just two days?

I am Yours Lord.  Save me!

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