Sunday, July 10, 2016

New tastiness...

My goal this weekend was to try out a new recipe I discovered a while ago:  Mustard Crusted Potatoes.  Mmmmmm!

Now, I will say that I struggled a bit with this recipe.  However, if you start out with these ingredients, how can you really go wrong!

My two main concerns was that the potatoes took forever to cook and there was some of the mixture that was uncooked on the pan even after cooking it something like double the time on the original recipe.  So, I adjusted down the quantity of mustards and olive oil when I was typing up the recipe. I also increased the cooking temperature because it frankly needed to be higher.  Gosh, I should have done that before I cooked the potatoes, not after!

The potatoes, being yukon golds, were soooooooooooo  creamy on the inside.  Mighty tasty!

I didn't have a rimmed baking sheet, so I bought one back in December, the one pictured here.  It is Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker's Half Sheet.  I have been exceedingly pleased with this, both in its sturdiness and its ease of clean-up.  When Mother was here, she was also impressed at the latter after making the Honey Chipotle Ribs.

I sure do love trying new recipes, although cooking with and/or for others is more enjoyable.   As I have cooked, I have learned a bit about myself, a bit about life, and a whole bunch about how ingredients work together and cooking techniques.  Doing so is often laborious for me, struggling with brain fog and cognitive decline, but the challenge, when I rise to the occasion, is sweet.  And when I fail (as in totally forget what I've measured) it is an opportunity for me to practice not castigating myself.

Good times!

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