Monday, September 03, 2018


For eight days now, I've had near constant nausea.  At first, I paid little attention to it because I was just turning the corner from the upper respiratory infection.  I was so happy the antibiotics were working.  Then, I thought the nausea was from the antibiotics.  Finally, I remembered that I increased the new pain medication on Monday and that was the cause of the nausea.  I know it is because it is pretty much impervious to my beloved Zofran.  And so I am stuck with it until the side effect wears off ... hopefully.

So, I've been pretty bleh.  Between the nausea and the abject exhaustion, I have done little else but sleep and languish.  I haven't really read or watched anything.  I've barely existed.

And then Amos somehow got some fleas despite his expensive medication.  He is highly allergic to them and got pretty punk himself.  Forgetting what benedryl does to him, I gave him benedryl and slathered his hotspot that he created with cortisone.  The first two days were fine.  And then.  The vomiting started.

Amos vomited ALL OVER MY BEDROOM.  On the bed.  One the trunk.  On the floor.  It wasn't until he had pretty much emptied himself out that I Googled if dogs can have Zofran.  They can.  I gave him some.  He stopped vomiting.

I had procrastinated cleaning the carpet upstairs all summer long, so you could say that this was a blessing in disguise.  However, I am SO BLOODY EXHAUSTED.  Still, I cleaned the carpet today.  Trembling and sweating and barely making it through the task.  And I put all the bedding in the wash.

Eight hours later, after successful water consumption, I fed Amos.  He was begging for food.  I thought all was good, but four hours after that, Amos vomited his dinner all over the living room.  The good news is that we were not upstairs yet.

I know that you are not supposed to give food for 24 hours if vomiting, but, my goodness, I am so weak willed when it comes to a pitiful Amos.  I sure learned my lesson though.

I am so nauseated and thirsty and exhausted.  I very much want to take my meds and go to bed early, especially since I still have to put the bedding back together.  However, I want to stay downstairs until I am sure that Amos is not going to vomit anymore.

Somehow, too, I need to remember to lay down towels all over the floor once we do go to bed.  I do not wake when Amos leaps off the bed to the floor.  I only wake once he starts retching.  So, trying to get to him to move him to the bathroom or somewhere without carpet is pretty much impossible.

Ah, crap.

Amos just vomited again.  He very kindly went to the front door to vomit on the cloth doormat.  He does sure like a soft landing for his vomit!  SIGH.

Poor puppy dog.

All I can think is that I somehow missed his pills last month.  Although I also cannot figure out how I would have fleas in the yard since no other dogs are in there.  And the yard is the only place where Amos could pick them up.  Well, there are stray cats that wander around.  Maybe one left some fleas on the front porch bench or in the back yard.  In any case, a flea bite is so hard on Amos.

It was nearly two years ago that we we through this.  I thought I could handle it at home.  But maybe not.  I'll need to call the vet on the morrow if he's not improving.  Of course, the morrow is my four-month appointment with the cardiologist.

ARGH.  I am so darn NAUSEATED!

I feel as if I should be better at handling nausea by now, but I am not.  Not really.  I mean, this is so very unbearable since nothing really stops it.  Eating helps a little bit, but it is hard to enjoy food when you are nauseated.  The nausea eventually went away when I started the medication, so I am hopeful this will go away again.  Maybe in another week or so.

Well, I've written through the hour needed until it was time to take my midnight meds.  However, with Amos' vomiting again, I am definitely staying downstairs for a while.  After all, I am determined not to ruin all that hard work of cleaning the carpet.

It is hard to read, to do anything being so nauseated, but maybe I can listen to some sermons for a while.  I am trying to listen to the sermons from this year at the new church I started attending so that I can get a better feel for the pastor and the teaching and maybe ... I don't know ... have a better chance of fitting in??

Look at me trying to be hopeful even as I feel so utterly bleh!
Is that progress????

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