Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Day two...

Day Two is over!  Well, the evening has not really begun, but my day is over.  And I am back to resting mode.

I woke early


Okay.  So there is an example.  I started writing at 6:48 PM.  I got distracted and it is now 10:04 PM. But what did I do?  Well, I worried more about money and medical expenses and spent the time on my Number Crunching spreadsheet, my budget, my checkbook register program, and my expense projections for the end of this year through 2019.

That's what I do.  Crunch numbers for hours on end, hoping that there is some way to make 2 + 2 = 5, ten times over.  SIGH.

Anyway, I woke early enough to get the treadmill torture out of the way before my appointment.  That has been my goal:  wake, take Amos outside, treadmill torture.  I have a more exhausting day that way, but that way I will not end up at the end of the day still searching for the energy to walk on the treadmill.  Sometimes, I was dragging myself down to the basement at 11:55 PM just to get the time in on my Fitbit before the date changed.  Silly Myrtle.

I sat with Amos as I cooled down and then showered.  That has been a new goal of mine: showering daily.

I got to the point where I was relying more on washcloths and baby wipes than I was my shower.  Showering is so difficult that I started putting it off, going two days and then three and then even four in between showers!  I mean, a hot washcloth with a bit of soap can go a long way, but it is not the same as a shower.

I was talking with my sister about things and showering came up.  As she talked, I realized that I was tired of being a little bit sticky, of feeling like a gross and disgusting person.  For the very first time, I got in the shower without washing my hair.  That is the hardest part, since having my arms raised make my heart work harder and standing with my eyes closed makes remaining upright a difficult task.  So, now, I shower every day and wash my hair (mostly) every other day.  On the non-hair-washing days, the shower takes just 5 minutes.  It is still hard work and my pacemaker has to kick in some help, but I no longer feel so gross and disgusting ... at least from a physically clean standpoint.

I showered early to change things up, because Amos is becoming more and more astute in sussing out when it is that I will be leaving the house.  His dislike of my departure has reached new heights.  I showered early and still dressed in my doctor appointment outfit, but then I went to the sofa and had an hour of Amos time before the alarm went off for my appointment.

There has been so very much miscommunication about the MRI that I could scream.  I am not sure where we are at, because a week ago my cardiologist told my neurologist that he would arrange the MRI and no one has contacted me.  In a nutshell, she very much needs to look at my brain before deciding between IVIG therapy and MS medications.

There is the pesky little problem of my kidneys.  But it takes so very long to get an appointment, that I am hoping I can drink enough water to raise my numbers, especially since I am off of Celebrex at the moment.  The nurse today said I was a diabetic.  I am not!  I have crap kidneys because of autoimmune disease, not because of diabetes.

On the morrow, I am going to dive into the MRI mess and see if I can just call scheduling myself.  I'd really like to get the MRI on the books and have a look see into my brain.  I'd rather not look at my cervical spine, because I know that it is a bit of a mess.  But since I have no pain from it, I am patently ignoring the issue of bone spurs and whatnot.

Day Three is going to be tricky because I will not have time to torture myself before the dentist appointment and tomorrow is a Wednesday, which means it is a church day.  I am not sure I can go to the dentist, walk on the treadmill, and go to church.  I want to do all three.  I need to do all three.  It will be a long day in the middle of a long week.

Then comes Thursday with the impossibly early schedule.

Gosh, just thinking about what I still need to do is exhausting!  The dishwasher has been crying out to be unloaded for two days.  I've avoiding engaging with it by eating things that do not need dishes.  I do think that tomorrow I shall have to bite the bullet and get it unloaded.

Tomorrow on my long day in the middle of a long week.

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