Tuesday, September 07, 2004

A Dr Pepper day if ever there was one.

When I moved into my new office last Friday, I was supposed to have the phone and data lines moved as well. But, of course, the technician did not show up. But…I was told he would be here first thing this morning.

Well, first thing this morning actually means, in technician speak, late in the afternoon. I was without a phone and a computer most of the day. I did manage to sneak on someone else’s computer for a while, but it was so decrepit that every time I asked it to do something, it paused to think for several minutes. Slow would not even begin to define this processor.

The call for Dr. Pepper came with trying to juggle last minute planning for two different events in two different counties with two sets of press packets, two sets of speakers, two sets of vendors, two sets of invitations, two sets of mailing lists…well, I could go on. But then I also was notified that two different grants are due tomorrow (I am supposed to have ADVANCED notice) and both of them needed a final review/edit. And four different partners of ours in the past two days have asked us to apply for awards on four different properties from four different agencies/institutions.

EVERYONE needed something from me and I was hard pressed to help anyone.

I had only a few minutes in my office today…not enough time to enjoy…to savor my new haven.

I suppose that I should be thankful…not for the helplessness I felt…but that I was needed at my job today.

Still, popping the can on the Dr Pepper tonight was such a wonderful feeling.

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