Saturday, September 11, 2004

Well, here I am...Sitting in the green chair!

Yes, you read that right! I am utilizing my new wireless environment to post here. It is way, way cool--no doubt about it.

I got the laptop on Wednesday, but did not get the router set up until last night.

This guy I have sort of dated (a consummate computer geek) said he would set it up on Thursday, but by the time we had dinner and purchased the wireless router he recommended, it was 9:30 which is apparently his bedtime. So he left, promising me that he would be there at my house, waiting for me, when I got home. "Just call me when you leave work," he said.

I did call. He was on his way back from Front Royal and said he would be at my house by 7:15. I got home at 6:34 and jumped on mowing the grass (and growing seed). Then I mowed my neighbor's front yard because the house has been sitting empty for nearly a year and a half, and I hate his yard advertising that fact.

Still no Thomas.

So I took a shower.

No Thomas. No phone call.

Well, I bought a house without a man, surely I can set up a wireless network without a house, eh?

The answer was "no" with the Motorola router Thomas had me buy. The new "g" model mostly does not work with Verizon DSL. This I found out after 2 and a half hours of tech support troubleshooting.

After waiting one day, I was not about to wait another. So, knowing Target closes at 10:00 PM and it was 9:52, I jumped in the car raced to the store. Fortunately, the customer service person did not insist I get another Motorola. I highly suspect I got a refund instead of an exchange because I arrived at the return counter at 9:58.

I then raced over to Walmart, hoping that it was open another hour because I know Walmart carried Linksys routers. It was. There was an entire shelf of "g" models. And I was back in my study by 10:38.

Another hour and a half of tech support, this time with Linksys support techs, I successfully hooked up the router and put in a passcode so people cannot jump on my new technological highway!

Wednesday night I consoled myself watching a movie in bed with my laptop since I couldn't blog from the green chair. I thought that was cool...this is equally so!

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