Friday, September 03, 2004

Well, I suppose that words cannot really express what the past five months have wrought in my life...but...then again...words are about all I ever really have.

God brought me to a truly wonderful job. I am the communications manager (and knowledge manager--but I have not yet gotten to that point) for a non-profit organization committed to developing vibrant communities through innovation and partnerships in the realm of affordable housing. They don't just develop properties...they preserve and revitalize them. Section 8 housing that is wired for broadband Internet access and a part of an electronic village with a community intranet populated with myriad software tools...have you heard of that? They also focus on developing resident driven community development programs that are focused on empowering the residents and creating links between the residential and business and skill empowerment...all free.

I ENJOY going to work. I work for a company that is doing good. I write, edit, and organize all day. I am overseeing the development of a new web site, new marketing collateral, communications policies, file structure, and logo, stationary, and communications style guides. And I will soon have a very cozy, very private corner office with two large windows on Connecticut Ave.

I have met members of the British parliament, two ambassadors, the mayor of DC, and other elected and Federal officials.

Last week, the Director of Fannie Mae Northern Virginia Partnership Office sent me a basket of oatmeal raisin cookies as an apology (of course doing so was my very brazen suggestion). the past five months, I have had two bad mammograms, totaled my car, had my insurance canceled (one payout and 21 years of driving well down the drain), been stung by a bee three times, had to spend over 10K replacing the sewage pipes in my yard, four weeks restoring the yard and the landscaping that was ripped out, fainted many times with no clear reason, oh...and a few more trials... best friend had a daughter...a beautiful gift from God. Both are doing well. I finally have an automatic car which is MUCH easier to drive when I am not feeling well or have weakened legs from the MS. I am on a trial medicine (dosage of statin) for MS. Kashi is well. Fancy has had five clutches of eggs (she hasn't learned how to build a nest yet, so the eggs don't hatch).

And did I mention the yard is finally back together...20 bags of mulch...40 bags of topsoil...five bags of gravel...moving 35 wheelbarrow loads of clay...digging up 20 plants...digging new holes for 20 plants...and watering and watering and watering the grass seed that the birds seem to be enjoying...

I am resting this weekend.

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